Acquisitions Dominion Realty Partners Acquisitions Division offers the unique ability to be flexible when it comes to investing in real estate. Unlike many larger institutional funds, DRP is not constrained by certain requirements when it comes to transaction size, holding period, asset class, etc... We offer the ability to utilize various financial and legal structures to cater to both individual investors and private capital sources.

One Guardian | Virginia Beach, VA

2829 Guardian Lane, located in the Oceana West/Lynnhaven area of Virginia Beach, was acquired in September 2015. Plans for the building, which was vacant at the time of purchase, include new lobby and common areas, new restrooms, open concept tenant spaces and improved landscaping and overall building appearance. DRP will also strive to achieve LEED certification during the renovation process, which is anticipated to be completed by March 2016.

Project Details

  • 2-story office building
  • 87,205 RSF
  • Renovations to be completed in March 2016